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Annual Fund

The ICS Annual Fund has been established to support priority projects that fall outside of the normal operating budget. The Annual Fund will allow ICS to further develop and deliver high quality programs, procure specialized equipment, provide advanced  training, teaching materials and technology to enhance our student learning.

The amount of money available in the Annual Fund to support priority projects comes directly from donations. Your yearly contribution to the Annual Fund creates an additional revenue stream specifically for these priority projects.

Annual Fund Campaign

Each year, ICS will engage in a campaign to share the priority projects for the school year and ask for your support. The campaign is not a year-long event, but will be concentrated within a few weeks to generate excitement over the priority projects, create awareness of the campaign and to ask for your support and contribution.

Priority Projects

Priority projects are determined each year by ICS faculty and administration.

These projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Enhance student learning
  • Have a schoolwide impact
  • Provide additional learning opportunities
  • Not be included in the normal operating budget

The priority projects for 2017 can be found HERE.


We are asking everyone at ICS to contribute to the Annual Fund,aiming for 100% participation from the Board of Governors, administration, faculty and families. Your donation is a vote of confidence in our school and in our programs. High participation, whether it is $10 or $5,000, is a sign that you support and invest in your children's education and in the mission and vision of ICS.

Below are the giving levels and how each donor will be recognized:

Eagle Club $5,000+
Director Club $2,500 - $4,000
Community Club $1,000 - $2,499
Green Club $500 -$999
Red Club $10 -$499

How to Give/Donate

There are several ways to make your donation. You can choose the option that works best for you.

  • Cash or check: at the cashier's office
  • Deposit directly into an lCS account
  • Faculty and staff via Salary Deduction
  • Secure credit card payment 

For Giving details, visit our Give/Donate page.

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is the school asking me to donate on top of paying tuition?

In the past, we have relied on an average l0-12% yearly enrollment increase to cover all operational costs (such as educational programs, salaries, building and grounds maintenance and professional development) as well as additional priority projects.

However, as we have started to reach our current capacity levels in some grades, the last few years our enrollment increase has been at 2%.

This growth will be even less as we begin to reach our full capacity across all grades.

Therefore, to continue supporting our priority projects, without increasing tuition exponentially, we need to look at additional funding outside of tuition fees. That is why we have created the Annual Fund.

Why not just increase tuition?

Raising tuition to cover all the costs of our priority projects would be prohibitive for our community. We want to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible to ensure that ICS remains competitive with the international schools in Africa. We are asking for donations of any size from our community to support these additional priority projects each year.

Why not lower operating expenses?

We have little room to reduce our operating budget. Salaries are our biggest expense. In order for ICS to continue to provide a high-quality education we must offer competitive salaries to ensure we are getting the best teachers and staff at ICS.

Additionally, the remaining expenditures are non-discretionary fixed costs such as utilities, service contracts, insurance, building maintenance, cafeteria services and other operating expenses.

What is the benefit of giving/donating?

Beyond the  financial support to our priority projects, giving to the Annual Fund is a conscious choice to invest in ICS. By supporting the school through voluntary contributions. each family can give according to their financial ability.

In addition, contributions to the Annual Fund are tax deductible for US tax payers.

Why should I participate?

Donating to the Annual Fund each year is a vote of confidence in our school and in our programs. High participation, whether it is $10 or $5,000, is a sign that our community supports and invests in their children's education and in the mission and vision of ICS.

We  want  to show  that  we  have  a  high  percentage  of  community participation in order to attract other funding sources, such as foundations and private businesses.

How much should I give each year?

Each year we will raise funds for different priority projects that are determined by ICS faculty and administration. Gifts from the community should range from $10 to $5,000+.

We ask every ICS family, teacher, administrator and Board Member to give yearly during the Annual Fund campaign, at a level that is personally comfortable.

What are the priority projects?

Each year the priority projects  are determined by ICS faculty and administration.

Priority Projects for 2016:

Which Division: Technology
What is the ask: Create a makerspace and robotics lab for ICS students to design and build in high-tech ways
What is the benefit: We can strengthen our technology program and offer more robotics activities for more students, as well as provide additional opportunities for students to build and create with a range of different technologies


Which Division: Elementary School
What is the ask: Additional training and professional development of teachers
What is the benefit:

We can enhance student learning by helping teachers gain a better understanding of the Reading Workshop model, the new Reading Units of Study (RUOS), and the integration of the RUOS with our Program of Inquiry. 

Professional learning in this area will allow teachers to effectively integrate literacy into our units of inquiry as well as strengthen instruction in the transdisciplinary communication skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Download priority project information:

  • Priority Project Technology
  • Priority Project Elementary School
Annual Fund Success

ICS' First Annual Fund Campaign is a Great Success! Our community raised $33,525 for our two priority projects!

The ICS Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising effort that directly supports program enhancements for students, faculty and teaching assistants. The Annual Fund was established to support priority projects that fall outside of the normal operating budget and allows ICS to further develop and deliver high quality programs, procure specialized equipment, provide advanced raining, teaching materials and technology.

This year ICS managed to raise 33,525 USD for these 2 priority projects:

  • Purchasing robotics equipment to enhance the robotics and makerspace lab for Middle and High school students to design and build in high-tech ways.
  • Additional training and professional development for Elementary teachers to strengthen the balanced literacy program.

20% of our ICS community—board members, leadership team, teachers, teaching assistants, alumni and parents—participated in this year’s Annual Fund. The 126 families who donated helped us reach 112% of our original goal. Teacher participation was 46%; thank you for your support! 

We have started the process of purchasing the robotics equipment for the first priority project and because there is extra money, we’ll be able to buy more equipment than we had hoped - such as 3D printers. For the second priority project, we are in the process of selecting a trainer and scheduling an on-site workshop in the coming school year for our elementary faculty to learn more about the new Reading Units of Study.

Thank you for supporting these two priority projects that will enhance student learning at ICS!


Who should I contact for more information?

Our Advancement staff is happy to speak with you about supporting ICS. If you would like to make a donation or if you have any questions about the ICS Annual Fund,please contact:

William Graham at  or (251)  1 1-371-1544