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Good communication is essential in teaching, learning and informing our community of what is happening in the classrooms and at the school in general.  At ICS we try to make sure that all students and especially parents are informed. 

News and Calendar Pages on website:

For the most up-to-date information about dates, schedules and up-coming events. Click HERE to go to the calendar.

For more information on what's happening at ICS, click HERE to go to our Stories page.

The Yezare Samint Newsletter

The Yezare is the primary method of communication between parents and the school. It is sent home once a week by email and is also available on our website. Click HERE for the latest issues.

How to Give Feedback to ICS

ICS introduces a new way to provide feedback to the school administration.  We welcome parent feedback and suggestions and now have a dedicated email.  Please use

The new feedback email will be managed by a dedicated team that will record each email and try to address all the feedback/suggestions.  The suggestions and comments will be compiled anonymously and given to the appropriate leadership team.

We are a community at ICS and hope that this new feedback email will continue to enable us to all work together.

I am NOT receiving emails from ICS

Sorry for the inconvenience of not receiving emails for the school.  We know it can be frustrating to not receive important information.

We continuously update out database and monitor our server to ensure that our emails go out.

Please check your spam or junk folders regularly, as sometimes our emails go there

While emails are being sent from our server, we cannot guarantee that you will reciebe the email due to factors out of our control.  For example, some email providers may block activity coming from Ethiopia

Continue to monitor the Yezare Samint Newsletter and the website for information.

You can always send a question to and can provide feedback to

Can I put up posters or buy/sell announcements?

Yes you can!

ICS employees and students can put up school event posters around campus

Any non-school posters or information MUST be registered at the Reception Desk and will be posted on the community bulletin board near the gym for 2 weeks.

Internal ICS Links

Here are the links to our daily platforms, like ICS email/Zimbra, Elearning/Moodle and EdAmin, etc. 

ICS Email / Zimbra


Elearning / Moodle

Power School Internal Access at ICS for Teachers (Gradebook) use when on the ICS Network

PowerSchool External Access at ICS for Teachers (Gradebook) use when not on the ICS Networks

Power School Internal Access at ICS for Admin Access use when on the ICS Network

Power School External Access at ICS for Admin Access use when not on the ICS Networks

Library Catalog

Event Booking

Naviance Faculty Link

Prepaid Account Access use when on the ICS Network

Prepaid Account Access use when not on the ICS Networks

Tiger Downloads