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Board of Governors

The International Community School is an Association. Membership in the Association is automatically conferred on the parents or guardians of children enrolled in the School, and on professional members of the staff. Every year the school has two Association General Meetings (AGMs).

ICS Addis is governed by a nine-member Board of Governors. The US Ambassador appoints one member, and the Board appoints one member. Seven parents are elected for two-year terms by the International Community School Association. Elections for Board members are held each year at an AGM in April. Nominations to the Board are restricted to parent members of the Association; ICS employees or their spouses are not eligible for nomination. The Board’s annual cycle runs from 1 July to 30 June, allowing new board members’ training between the election and the actual start of responsibilities.

Like previous Boards, this year’s members also reflect the school community at large. Board members have children at the school in the different sections, come from several different nationalities and continents, and have a mixture of professional backgrounds. Many Board members have been involved with other international schools before coming to Ethiopia, including being students of international schools.

The Board of Governors operates within a Policy Governance model based on the work of John Carver. The Head of School is the Board’s only employee and must work toward Organizational Ends and within the Executive Limitations that are defined in the Board’s policy manual. The Board tries to focus on the future well-being of the school and its programs, and leaves daily management to the Head of School and his staff. Parents who have concerns are always encouraged to speak to a teacher, a principal or the Head of School before bringing something to the Board.

The Board meets regularly throughout the year. All members of the Association are welcome to attend any open Board meetings as well as the two AGMs. The Board typically has several “invitation only” retreats each year, and closed “executive” sessions that are usually held after their open meetings.

Open Board meetings are announced in the school’s newsletter and are included on the calendar. Open Board meetings are essentially “private meetings, held in public.” Association members have the opportunity to speak or ask questions at the beginning of our open Board meetings. Minutes of the open Board meetings will be available in electronic copy on the intranet accessible only on campus.


  • ICS Addis will be a premier international school in Africa preparing students to succeed in the 21st Century.
  • We will support an exemplary 21st Century education that emphasizes technology, creativity, communication and collaboration skills, cultural and environmental sensitivity, and more in an already rigorous academic program.
  • We will be prepared for the growth of the international community in Addis Ababa, attracting and retaining a world-class staff, while improving and providing first-class facilities.
  • We will be responsibly inclusive as we grow.

To reach the Board of Governors email us at:


School year 2016-17 Board of Governors

Sirak Solomon Chairman June 2017
Marc Bonnenfant Vice Chairman June 2017
Kathrin Tegenfeldt Treasurer June 2017
Sandra Bedoya-Hanson Secretary June 2017
David Kennedy US Embassy Rep Open
Alexander Krueger Member June 2018
Cathy Xin Ma Member June 2017
Sibylle Newman Member June 2017
Simon Snoxell Member June 2017

Not pictured: Marc Bonnenfant